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Back in 1998 (yeah, it is 1998 now, but we're writing this for the future) both of us were quite involved in coping with the development side of new Web Standards.

Truly, if you ever tried to do a bullet-proof table layout to fit the needs of a nice complex WYSIWYG design, you appreciate the times in which HTML stood for text description and not for funky, stylish, yet completely useless designer needs.

So, one day, in a quest for gaining some more information about DOM (Document Object Model), we surfed by a well-known standardisation consortium. Leave alone the fact that actually no one really takes their standards seriously to the very core, we were quite amazed by what big "new media" companies pay for their membership.

Realising that we couldn't afford to voice our "back to the root" calls there and seeing that this might be a nice way to make some fast bucks (hey, we're only human) we looked around for a appropriate provider and found it in Hurricane Electric. Check them out, so far we think they're pretty cool (and they may appreciate the fact that we're saying that).

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